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Recorded Services

24th Jan 2020

Sunday 17th Jan

13th January 2020 Midweek Mass

Sunday 10th January

Wednesday 6th  Jan

Sunday 3rd January 2021

Sunday 27 December, 11am

Christmas Eve 11.30pm First Mass of Christmas

Christmas  Day 11am Mass



Ist Mass back in Church, Sunday 19th July, 2020

Evening Prayer 6th July 2020

Ascension Day 2020

Easter Day 2020

Good Friday, April 10th 2020
Chapter One

Good Friday, April 10th 2020
​Chapter Two

Good Friday, April 10th 2020
​Chapter Three

Sunday April 5th 2020
Part One

Sunday April 5th 2020 
Part Two

Sunday 29th March 2020

Sunday 22nd March 2020