Prayer Page

Please remember in your prayers those who are ill:

'The prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise them up' (from James 5:14)


And those who have died:

Terry Jacobs, Jim Turner, Irene Smith, Betty Elsley, Ronald Arthur Pettman, Dorothy and Rt Revd John Dennis

'May they rest in peace, and rise in glory' (from traditional Christian liturgy)

Here are prayers that we used this last Sunday on our Zoom service:


Intercessions 17 May 2020

Heavenly Father, we thank You for the doctors and nurses who are dedicating themselves in caring for the sick and those who are dying from coronavirus COVID-19:, and all who support them: porters, ambulance staff, cleaners and administrators.

We pray that You would give them strength and grace as they tend to the needs of so many people in their care, but always bearing your presence with them, that they may not only heal but bless and shine as lamps of hope in the darkest times of distress and fear. And we also must equally pray for all those working in care-homes and hospices and who care for people in their own homes.

Oh God, help all those who are self-isolating, or on their own, to trust to know that you are with them. Help them to believe that nothing can separate them from your love.

Accept our prayers, dear Father, for those who have no one to love them enough to pray for them. Wherever and whoever they are, give them a share in our blessings and in our love let them know that they are not forgotten.

We pray for our Muslim friends and neighbours here on the Isle of Dogs.  We greet them warmly as they continue the observance of the month of Ramadan in this period of lockdown, for we as Christians have just celebrated Easter and Lent, our own period of fasting under the same conditions.  We pray that they will know God’s rich blessings this Ramadan. We think of their families and friends who would normally meet and share meals together at the breaking of the daily fast and particularly at the ‘eid al fatr’ which marks the end of Ramadan next weekend. Let our prayers be for them at this vulnerable time when so many are sick, grieving and suffering great hardship. 

God of hope and giver of all comfort, we commend to your keeping all those who morn the loss of a loved one and especially the families of  Terry Jacobs, Jim Turner, Irene Smith, Betty Elsley, Ronald Arthur Pettman, Bishop John Dennis and his wife Dorothy. John Dennis was our vicar here before becoming a bishop.

Give their families and friends the peace that passes all understanding and make them know that neither death nor life can separate them from your love. 

Saint Julian of Norwich, herself self-isolating as an anchorite, writing in the 1200 century said, ‘Jesus did not say ‘you will never have a rough passage, you will never be overstrained, you will never feel uncomfortable, but he did say you will never be overcome. 

Heavenly Father accept these prayers for the sake of your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ our Lord.   Amen